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by Sean K. age 12

The definition of pacifism is non violence. Pacifism is important to me because its an idea that can help people not fight and learn how to get along. I first learned about this idea in therapy and I think it is important because the world would feel safer to me and others without violence.

When I hear about violence in the world I feel like I want to hide somewhere. I feel so bad for people who are innocent victims of violence. When I hear what is going on in wars I feel that our country and other countries are in danger.

Martin Luther King was a leader who told people not to use violence to get what they wanted. I respect him and I wish he was still alive. He inspired people and I think some did listen to him. Gandhi was another example of a leader who practiced non violence. He lead his people to victory with acts of pacifism.

If you want to practice pacifism say no to physical fights and walk away. Try to resolve arguments by making compromises. Try to walk away if you are feeling angry at a person and don't try to get them back even if you feel like it.

Practicing pacifism means understanding people even if they are different. These ideas are alternatives to war and destruction. Leaders of countries can try to resolve differences by talking the problems through, hiring a mediator and arresting people who are causing destruction rather than killing innocent people.

Please consider peaceful ways to both your personal and global problems. You will feel better about yourself and the world if you know you are a part of creating good in the world.

Peace out.  ■

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