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The Long Journey Home
by Stephen Crutchfield, Sr.

It's good to see you again. It's been a long time. We know that, we can say. Been lost a thousand times but I'm glad you say you're home to stay and so sorry for the delay.

Just been traveling from place to place discovering parts of myself long forgotten. I found a memory the other day it made me laugh and made me cry.

It seems true that my life is full of dark and blue with light breaking through. At times I've found myself just grabbing hold of whatever was near.

Thank God it was you. I realize now that you've been there all the while. Shuffling about my dreams so that one day they can come true. You placed obstacles in my way to get my attention then caught me when I fell, well not too hard.

You kept me from breaking bones and now not a dead heart only wounded. So I'm up again feeling bright with you myself in sight just can't explain sometimes why I fight. I'm glad to find you alright. Now I'm altogether with good sight.

I promise never to lose you again for this time I know that God has been the potter in my life. So....

Welcome Home.  ■

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