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America in Crisis: How You Can Help
By Tina Calabrese, LCSW
February 2009

America is still a young country and like a young child or business it still needs to learn how to prosper while taking care of its people. The past few years have taught us many lessons. Perhaps the biggest lesson has to do with what really lasts in life. You’ve heard the saying “you can’t take it with you,” but what is it you can take?

The memories. The feeling. The moments you treasure. The selflessness of sharing your heart, money and even your life.

The Greek philosopher Socrates started a revolution and a lot of trouble by going around town and asking questions like:

What is courage? What is country? What is love?

He made people think.

You can help America and yourself by analyzing your relationship to money, to others and to your life. Consider learning how to respect, share control and power and most importantly how to hold onto a delicate balance of attachment and non attachment.

Here are some practical ideas to support these philosophies.

Identify strengths and weakness in your relationship to money, others and self care

Ask yourself what it is that makes you happy and feel that you are a good American and person then do that

Take risks start a practice or business, support socially responsible capitalism

Help others emotionally, financially and spiritually

Keep yourself healthy in mind, body and spirit

Consider what makes you proud of America and support that.

Question authority, debate and get involved with political issues.

Remembers our founders were revolutionaries, rebels and passionate thinkers. Their spirit is our foundation. Make them proud.  ■

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